Training Update…

I hope that this blog finds you all well with all resolutions still intact? Two runs to update you on…

The first was a 16.5km run on 03/01/2011 as a build up to the long run of 21.75km on 09/01/2011.  Both runs were in preparation for the York Knavesmire Harriers Brass Monkey Half Marathon on Sunday 23rd January 2011.

Both runs went well, although the longer run involved a little ice skating and resulted in a little bit of aching and a lot of tiredness! The next run will be on Saturday 15th January 2011 and will be a shorter 10km run as a taper for the Brass Monkey.

Can I also take this opportunity to welcome the @sithsloggers to twitter. A like-minded group of runners who we will be sharing a bit of banter with. We might even have a couple of races together in 2011!

Ben Kenobi

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