The Sith Lord Returns

This Jedi Jogger has been training in total for around 18 months. The fitness bug caught hold hard when I started training for triathlon and started a structured training plan that peaked at around 10 sessions per week in the run up to the 2010 Ironman 70.3. It was on the completion of that event that I decided to enter my first Marathon and the 2011 full Ironman.
Also at that point I hit my first ‘hiccup’ in training. The last 6 months have been hit with a variety of chest infections and colds that have impacted the continuity of my training. Prior to this I’d managed a pretty clear 12 months of training and I think I made the mistake of thinking that that was the ‘norm’, where in fact it’s far more likely that any committed individual is going to have to deal with the downs of illness as well as the ups of races.

Well, after a long time in the wilderness it finally feels like I’m really back. I’ve managed a consistent week of training with swimming, biking, running and weights leaving me tired but satisfied at the end of the week. Tomorrow is a well earned rest day and I intend follow it up with a second week of hard and consistent training.

With our focus on the Brass Monkey half marathon in just 7 days I’ll aim to watch my diet, maintain the smoothies and smash all the training sessions.

Fingers crossed this joggers immune system keeps the faith!

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