Mr. Tenzing Norgay would be proud…

Since our relatively recent inception, the Jedi Joggers have taken on a few different challenges and on Sunday 27th February 2011 we took on our latest one. Myself and Graham took on the Huddersfield 10K, which turned out to be the hilliest course yet. The race was hosted by the Huddersfield Road Runners and started and finished at the Huddersfield Rugby Union Club.

The day started well and by the time we got to the car park the temperature was about 5 degrees Celcius. There was rain in the air and we had a few showers in the run up to the race. The Gods were smiling on us though as it was dry throughout the race, although it rained on the way home.  As we were waiting in the warmth of the Rugby Club and the obligatory trip(s) to the loo were complete I noticed something stuck on the outside window that made me laugh nervously…the course profile!

Course Profile!

As you can see, we instantly wondered what we had let ourselves in for!

We've just seen the course profile!

So, at 10:55 a very efficient man blew a whistle to tell us to go to the start line. It appears as though the start line had been moved 3 times, probably to ensure an exact 10k distance. Graham decided to start about half way down the field and I decided to start at the back. When I was a junior cross country runner I used to start at the front, sprint off at the start and then move backwards until the end. Nowadays, I start at the back and gradually overtake people until the finish, much better for the ego 🙂

At 11:00 we were off and just as the course profile indicated it wasn’t long before we were running up a big hill! It seemed to go on forever but there was some good crowd support near the top which always helped. The rest of the course was essentially up and down with a few flat bits. Essentially there were two big, long hills and two short, sharp hills. The downhills were just as interesting and on 2 of the hills I couldn’t run at full tilt as they were too steep! On one of these downhills I overtook a man pushing a pram on behalf of MacMillan. I gave him a few encouraging words and briefly thought about jumping in the pram, before dismissing the idea and carrying on. On the other downhill, I was overtaken by a young kid with long shorts that I was convinced would fall down, but they never did 😉

The end of the race was a long downhill which provided a fast finish, back at the Rugby Club. I was very pleased to have crossed the line and gladly had some complimentary water. I also gratefully took charge of my latest race T-Shirt which was definitely well earned. Not long after finishing I began to feel a bit nauseous, probably due to the lactate-inducing, lung-busting, leg-burning hills. A banana and some lucozade sport later and I was feeling fine.

Job Done!

As ever, Graham was looking fresh as a daisy!

Fresh as a Daisy!

All in all it was a great event that was really well organised by Huddersfield Road Runners and the results can be found here. Despite the hills, it was a very enjoyable course and I would consider running it again next year, but that’s because I’m a runner and we like putting ourselves through it…it’s exhilerating. Now, when’s my next race?

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