May The Force Be With Us…

Well, what an extraordinary day!

The Jedi Joggers were filmed yesterday by ITV Calender News ~ Yorkshire!

They wanted to do a piece on us to promote our fund raising efforts. As many of you will know, we will be running the Run For All Hull 10k on Sunday 15/05/2011 in Star Wars Costumes. Chewbacca, Princess Leia, Boba Fett, Han Solo and Obi Wan Kenobi will be entertaining the crowds in Hull to try and help raise money for The Jane Tomlinson Appeal.

The Jedi Joggers

So, are we going to be on TV? Well, hopefully! The reporter, Laura, and her camerawoman, want to use our footage in tonight’s evening news (Friday 13th May 2011). Calendar News starts at 6pm on ITV1 and we should be on at the end of the program (fingers crossed!) unless there is some major breaking news that would take preference.

So, we need you all to keep your fingers and toes crossed for us. It would be fantastic for everyone involved if we were on the News as it would highlight the excellent work done by The Jane Tomlinson Appeal. I’m not going to giving away too much about the filming but there will be interviews, running, lightsaber wafting and much more so please tune in and support our efforts.

May The Force Be With Us 🙂

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