About the Joggers

The Jedi Joggers are a like minded group of individuals who all share a passion for running and exercise as well as a geeky obsession with all things Star Wars.  Hopefully this blog will entertain and inform in equal measure as we share our thoughts on keeping fit, eating well (sometimes!) all with a Jedi twist.

The Jedi Joggers before the Leeds Abbey Dash 2010

The Jedi Joggers prepare for battle...

Rob Shaw (aka Vader/Chewie) @robshaw99

A relative newbie to running and exercise I’ve been training now for around 18 months.  Prior to that I had no history of regular exercise and considered regular training as something done by other people.  Since I started regular training I’ve completed a number of 10k’s, the 2010 UK Ironman 70.3 and the Loch Ness Marathon.  I’m now training for the Brass Monkey, The London Ultra Marathon, Ironman UK and the 2011 Loch Ness Marathon.

Mark Townson (aka Ben Kenobe)

I ran in the Cross Country team at school for 7 years, competing in many races all over the North of England. Since leaving school my running has been on and off with periods of proper training followed by long periods of no training. I have run in many 10k races, a 9 mile race and the Great North Run (half-marathon) 3 times. Since June 2010 I have been running regularly with the intention of gradually improving my endurance first and then my speed. I have recently completed the Leeds Abbey Dash 10k along with my fellow Jedi Joggers. I have had entries accepted for a 5k Santa Dash in Leeds, the Brass Monkey half marathon in York and the Loch Ness marathon in Scotland. Onwards and upwards!

Graham Blundell (aka Boba Fett)

A relative newbie to running outside but a real talent. The quickest Jedi Jogger who keeps going from strength to strength!

Rob Ellis (aka Han Solo)

Rob has previously completed the London Marathon. He shares many attributes with his ship, the Millenium Falcon…not the quickest, the occasional repair needed but always get there in the end! Aaaarrrggghhh!