Wookie Training Video 5 – Reservoir Joggers

The training is done…let’s go to work!

Wookie Training Video 4 – Chariots of Chewie

In 1981 a film captured the hearts and minds of a nation as it documented the story of 2 athletes training for the 1924 Olympics.
In 2011 a brave group of individuals…the Jedi Joggers….will again re-capture…

Wookie Training Video 3 – Saturday Night Wookie

Chewie takes a well earned night off from training for the Hull 10k…

Wookie Training Video 2 – Wookie Rocky

Chewbacca training for the Hull 10k…

Wookie Training Video 1 – Wookie Run

First training run for the Run for All Hull 10k…

Obi Wan Kenobi’s Urgent Message

Obi Wan explains why he and his colleagues are running the Hull 10k for the Jane Tomlinson Appeal on 15th May 2011.

Green Smoothie

Watch our video on how to make the perfect basic green smoothie….

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